• Population

Population of Dodoma region is about 2,328,949 resulting from 2012 National population and housing census projections. Life expectancy of Dodoma population is estimated on average of 53 years for males and 52.7 females. The number of Male is 1,134496 Female is 1.194,453 among them 526,542 are women of Child bearing age (15-49 years).The fertility rate is 2.7 and population growth rate is 2.1 family sizes are about 4.8.

Dodoma region is host of many ethnic groups. The Bantu group is made of the Gogo being the majority,Rangi,Nguu,Zigua,Kaguru and Sangara. Other ethnic groups found in Dodoma are the Nilotic or Nilo Hamites form another group which includes the Maasai,Fyomi,Mang’ati,Iraq and Tatoga.

Apart from these ethnic groups, the region has a composition of other ethnic groups from other parts of the world including Indians, Arabs and Somali descendants who are mainly found in urban centres and rural trading centers.